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Character background: Julia Henson (Secondary AU)

Posted by barryb338 - 1 month ago


Character Info

Full name: Julia Caroline Henson

Age: 29

Hometown: Ambrette Town

Region: Kalos

Birthday: 04/10/1993

Height: 5'9


George Henson (Father)

Maria Henson (Mother) (Deceased)

Nick Henson (Adopted brother)

Marcus Henson (Husband)

Joseph (Adopted son)

David (Adopted son)

Born and raised in the Ambrette Town, Julia would always be one of the first children to walk up to any Pokémon trainer who came through town, with an library's worth of questions. When she was 5 years old, her parent's gifted her a Torchic to protect her, which she named David. By the time she had turned 10, her parents marriage had already started to fall apart, and a year later they officially separated. Her mother moved away while Julia and her father stayed in Ambrette Town. One night while taking out the trash, she was surprised by a wild animal knocking over the can, and scurrying away under their house. After a few night's coaxing it with food, she was finally able to get a good look at him: It was a Litten; malnourished and limping, almost completely covered in dirt. She begged her father for days to adopt the little stray, before he gave in and let his daughter keep him; she would name him Marcus.

Because he was a stray, Marcus had a very hard time working with almost anyone. The only person he wanted to be around was Julia, much to David's annoyance, which caused them to butt heads frequently. As the two of them got older, the majority of their fights had to be broken up by Julia herself. By the time Julia was 18, she had A full team of Pokémon: A Machamp named Samson, a Hitmonchan named Toby, David who evolved into a Blaziken, and Marcus who evolved into an Incineroar. At the age of 18 she began to set out to become a poke-trainer of her own, even winning a badge of her own in the Kalos region. She wanted to go further and become a wandering trainer like many other's, but after her father had retired from his job as a firefighter, she decided to stay in the region she grew up in. It was around this time that Marcus confessed that he had developed feeling's for her; having just gotten over a bad breakup and apprehensive of the idea of dating a Pokémon, she told him to wait.

For two years after that, Marcus began to look inward and began to improve his relationship with the other's on his team, and fixing many of his bad habits. Now instead of a self-centered hot-head, he actually began to work harmoniously with his peers. This improvement in character ultimately helped Julia, now age 20, on her decision to say yes to Marcus's proposal to having a relationship. By the third year, Julia had already made up her mind on the relationship: She didn't care what anyone would say, Marcus was the one. Marcus came to the same conclusion about her, and proposed right on the stadium field after loosing a match against the current gym leader; the answer to which was a very emotional "Yes". However a few months before the wedding, a rival trainer, extremely angry after loosing a match to her team, attacked the two of them while they were alone camping, severely wounding Julia in the process. She would later awaken in the hospital to find that her husband-to-be had evolved into a shiny Incineroar, and the attackers Pokémon was dead. After hearing the whole story and recovering from her wounds, the wedding would go on, and the two of them would officially become husband and wife.

Four year's into their marriage, Julia and Marcus had decided they wanted a child, but were unable to do so the natural way because they were biologically incompatible. So they decided adoption would be their best bet. They decided on a teenage Pokemon, an Incineroar named Joseph. Despite the fact his foster parent's were too different species, Joseph decided to give it a try, maybe this time it would work. And work it did--Within the first year, he actually started calling them 'mom' and 'dad' and it's been smooth sailing since. Now in the present, Julia and marcus have decided to bring in a new face into their family: A Chespin named David.



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